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Book: Psalms

  • January 28, 2024

    Speaker: Heath McCoy

    Book: John, Psalms

    A united church is the solution to a divided world…. read more

  • January 14, 2024

    Series: Promises

    Speaker: Heath McCoy

    Book: Matthew, Psalms

    This week we look at the promise God makes to us concerning legacy – God’s kingdom will come, and it will bring all good with it. But we don’t idly wait, we work to build the kingdom of God and see its promises made real around us today.

  • March 26, 2023

    We’ve all got a “there;” a place or thing we want to get to. We make plans of how to get from “here” to “there,” but God does things differently than we do. His plan might be longer and take more time than what we want, but we can also extend that journey with our own disobedience.