At CLC, we love growth. We believe that learning is one of the best ways to grow yourself and your faith, and more fun alongside others! GrowU is our way to provide our community those learning opportunities.

Each “season” of GrowU we offer a different set of classes to attend, led by CLC pastors and community members. Topics range from in-depth Biblical studies to practical Christian living.

Classes meet once a week for 4 weeks, on Wednesday nights.

Interested in two different classes? You can take them both! We go through classes two times during the season – 4 weeks of classes, a week off, and 4 weeks again.

Class Starts September 13!


Find out what Christian Life Center is all about! We’ll be getting a big picture about who we are at CLC, our vision statement, why we do what we do and where we want to go from here. Whether you’re new or have been here a while, join us and make CLC connections!

Character of God

Understanding God’s Character to Better Discerns His ways. An interactive women’s group with teaching, worship, discussion and prayer.

The Supremacy of Christ

Join us as we survey Paul’s letter to Colossians and explore the picture he paints of Christ as Supreme and above all. We will also discover his challenge to live the Resurrected life and what that means for us today as Christ’s followers.

Women Helping Women Heal

A class just for women – we will be dealing with sensitive subject matter. 1 in 5 women in the US have experienced some form of personal trauma or abuse. We will explore this topic from God’s perspective; sharing, supporting, and resourcing to help women in their healing journey.


A prayer focused meeting, with time for personal and corporate prayer!